Earth & Pine Outdoor Inc began with a desire to tell the epic story of Canada’s Rocky Mountains. Hiking among majestic peaks and valleys, eyes saturated with emerald green lakes and waterfalls, tales are spun among the firs and pines to reveal overlooked mysteries of the natural world.  The footsteps of curious explorers will traverse the home of wild creatures and plants and discover the awesome geologic, glacial and cultural history of these landscapes.  Rub your hands over rocks in search of fossils, smell the sweetness of wildflowers and appreciate the ancient wanderings of humans through their rock art.  This is your uncharted adventure. These are your memories.


We pride ourselves on small group sizes so you will never feel lost in a crowd.  We at Earth & Pine Outdoor Inc, know our visitors have often traveled from far away to have once in a lifetime experiences.  That is why our tours are intimate, meant for storytelling and good company.

For many, this will be their first experience in the Canadian wilderness.  These hikes are perfect because of the comfortable pace and a guide experienced in the wonderful features of the area.  Guests will leave not just with great photos but having captured the magic of these special places.